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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right courier service provider is just as important as your product itself.
We understand you will have questions and we are right here to answer them!

  • Do OnTime Couriers deliver to locations outside of the Zones indicated?
    We do! However, these requests are priced differently and are not guaranteed to be delivered within the usual 3-day period.
  • Do you deliver food & grocery items as well?
    Currently, we only deliver non perishable items.
  • How do I submit a request?
    We welcome you to complete the request form with ALL the requested pickup and delivery details.
  • How will I know that my request is confirmed?
    You will receive a confirmation email that your request form has been received. We will then make arrangements to collect your items within 1-2 business days thereafter.
  • Do you work on weekends?
    We surely do! We do require at least 24 hours notice for weekend deliveries for scheduling purposes.
  • Do you do same-day delivery?
    We welcome you to request same and we will do our best to facilitate these requests based on availability of our drivers.
  • What are the different payment methods you accept from delivery recipients?
    We can accept Cash, Linx & Credit Card payments from your customers.
  • Is it guaranteed that my deliveries would be received by customers within 3 days?
    Once deliveries are within the zones aforementioned we guarantee that deliveries will be completed within 3 days after collection of the items from the Pickup Contact.
  • How am I charged for the Courier Service?
    An Invoice with courier service fee & COD (Charge on delivery) fee is sent for each delivery task. COD fee of 3.5% of the amount collected applies if any payment is to be collected from customers on behalf of retailer. This invoice is due on or before pickup of items to be delivered. We accept cash, linx and credit card payments (via mobile machine), bank transfer and online credit card payments via our Fygaro Link.
  • How do I receive my payments collected from the courier service?
    Reimbursement of payments collected less payments of Courier Service fees & COD fees are transferred by the Saturday after that week's deliveries.
  • What if I don't receive the payment in my account?
    Proof of transfer will be sent as confirmation. Dependent on the bank, transfer may take 2 to 5 business days. If this time has elapsed we ask that you please contact us so we can verify and provide a status to you expeditiously.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you wish to cancel a delivery which has been included in the request form you can send an email to with the subject CANCELLATION. This can be done before or after the package has already been collected.
  • Are there any additional fees for rescheduling of a delivery?
    Courier service fee will not be applied if a reschedule notice is given 12 hours before the agent visits the location. The courier service fee will be applied for the rescheduled visit.
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